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Cali Connection Purple Diesel

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OREGON MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM DIV8 cali connections purple diesel was put together by crossing the MENDO PURPSxSFV KUSH to make BLACKWATER…then BLACKWATER(male)xOSD(female) to make PURPLE DIESEL…….all the red cups are FEM seeds and the blue are REG seeds…im still sorting thru these that you see here , only keeping the faster ,stronger, better developed plants….i started the beans in the cups, and they will stay in the cups for a couple weeks from start….JULY 4th was the day i plan

20 comments on “Cali Connection Purple Diesel

  1. growindoors on

    the seeds look so sick, cant wait to see that seed in a collective near me! do you bury the seeds just below the first node or is that just zero stretch?

  2. NorHumKushMan on

    America!…Fuck Yeah! The Baby’s are looking real nice. Excited to see how those Chem strains turn out. And You are 100% right Koma. Its all about the Love and Compassion that makes a True Herbalist!

  3. DrGoodGrow on

    You know.. I’ve been told NOT to pheno hunt the Biggest Fastest Most Vigorous.. Because the veg growth isn’t as important as the final product. Sometimes the Runt of the group will have the best flowers… But this is what im told.. Doing my own testing is the only true answer. Personally i like the vigorous seedlings because they will be quick to get cloned and flowered. Maybe not the best high but much better plant to work with and should hold up to pests or disease attacks with less issues.

  4. John McClane on

    can’t wait 2 see what the purple diesel looks like i am running it now and excited to see what u can produce KING KOMA show me the way. like the dubstep 13%ER 4 life DOL PEACE

  5. aviationsquadmusic on

    Tahoe and hazy regarding looked most vigorous. Didnt know cc had a reg chem 91 line. The regs to me looked more developed than the fems i could be wrong tho

  6. MrNjp13 on

    Keep it REAL homey!! There’s a lot of fake ass mofo’s out there who think their shit is top notch when most of them aren’t even close to even having environments worthy of calling their operation “medical”. You’re alway professional, and your shit is always CLEAN!! you don’t shoot videos where it looks like you could possibly have an infestation of roaches in your kitchen… Most of these guys on YT need to take lessons. Stay true homey, from a big fan of your work in CA.

  7. jaypie8 on

    Hey and “Komas Bean Sauce” sounds like a mass production name sorta like A1Steak sauce , heinze 57 ketchup ect….imagine how many people would buy that already pre mixed at store? Looking Great Koma looking great ✌

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