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Budget Medical Marijuana Growroom Ugrades

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Some basic upgrades to my buddy’s Phoenix medical cannabis garden.

8 comments on “Budget Medical Marijuana Growroom Ugrades

  1. TheGraham420 on

    I have started 5 Chernobyl 5 Ripped Bubba 5 Plush Berry,I’ve never grow any TGA gear before you & the farmer are what made me look into them,I was using fem seed I have only grown reg beans once G13 & it turned out great I only had two seeds one was male & the other a female

  2. hilltopave33 on

    Great room for the novice grower such as myself. im really excited for this grow off to get going. What nutrients are going to be running or do i got to wait for a video to find that out lol. No disrespect to the farmer i love his work but nutrient line is just too expensive for my applications. Maybe down the line i give advance a shot but for now i am growing with something more pratical.

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