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Autoflower Marijuana MI5, ONYX and Auto Assassin Day 68

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9 comments on “Autoflower Marijuana MI5, ONYX and Auto Assassin Day 68

  1. DrAutoflower on

    @deadcommando86 Russian Rocket fuel and MI5 and Himalyian Blue Deisel are top autos right now and all have only been known to please. Russian Rocket fuel is so far my favorite. Hands down the stickyist resin production ive seen yet, like im talkin about a joints took me 10 minutes to roll sum times cuz every thing was sticking to me like super glue. cant wait for the grow off!

  2. Mr420ways on

    hey what do you recomend i plants pistils are still white but the trichomes are 90 % cloudy/milky….do i wait for the ambering of the trics..or the turning of the hairs from white to harvest?

  3. DrAutoflower on

    @Mr420ways you go by the trichomes, and anyone who tells u to go by the hairs dont know much about cannabis, ive heard it from misintormed ppl too. really it all depend what you are growing for…. if u want an uppidty high less potetent but no crash really do it at 25% to 50% cloudy, for the head high 50% cloudy to 20%amber, then the more amber it gets the more it get the coach lock narcotic high, im shooting for narcotic with the mi5 and onyx

  4. Mr420ways on

    @DrAutoflower yeah im looking for narcotic high also ive got insomnia like a im going to wait a bit and cut off a lower branch and dry/cure then see how done I AM…:) thank you for the tip i just didnt want to cut it too early… 🙂

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