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aug 18 2012 legalize it v5 lsd25records-HD-HQ


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aug 18 2012 legalize it v5 lsd25records-HD-HQkumaran making a stand for truth and rights .all proponents of the laws of oppressors must be exposed as lairs cheats .they are deceivers in the name of profits please.. not truth. like this video if you believe in marijuana and circulate it as much as possible use it posses it ,,, as it is your rights by birth right corrupt human should influence you or any one you know for there sick agenda peace love happiness health .none of these things can be legislated-lsd25records do not accept medi

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  1. toogawnjawn on

    I can relate, they started a new ad campain to legalize it in washington state again, them have be trying as far as I can remember to at least the 70’s, but the woman in this ad starts out all wrong by saying something to the effect that she does not like to talk about the issue before she goes says the reasons to legalize it is for raising tax revenue for the state, it’s legal for medical use in wa state for medical use but it is illegal for any use by federal law, now how goofy is that.

  2. toogawnjawn on

    Many moons ago I saw a program on tv about in texas a person could get life in prison for only having one joint in their possestion, I don’t know what the current law is on that, but I heard on news programs that car repo guys are not smart if they try to take a car after dark in becuase it is legal to shoot a person for trying to steal anything on your property after sun down.

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