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Anti Marijuana Lawmaker BUSTED For Pot!

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April 26, 2011 MSNBC

20 comments on “Anti Marijuana Lawmaker BUSTED For Pot!

  1. hob976 on

    So… He wasn’t as ANTI-marijuana as they want to paint him. He made a couple stupid statements…
    He’s an idiot to be sure… But this is stupid news.

  2. mispistoleros on

    @IranContraScumDid911, JFK evidently dissed his long-time mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer, for using pot. He preferred cocaine. If you want to read an interesting twist on the JFK saga, investigate her, murdered just after the Warren Commission report was released. According to sources, JFK was, at the time of his election, a cold-war warrior but changed mid-stream after taking LSD with Pinchot Meyer. Her ex-husband, Cord Meyer, had an interesting career with the CIA. The plot thickens.

  3. crashlight1 on

    “Do as I say, not as I do.”
    If you don’t want anyone to know you do something, don’t do it. Personally I’d rather share the road with stoners than drunks, traffic might get a little slow but speeding violations and road rage would be virtually eliminated.

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