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Amsterdam’s pot tourism in danger

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SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation A Dutch court is attempting to ruin the fun for everyone with a new plan to outlaw the sale of marijuana to foreigners. This law would target coffee shops that traditionally sell the drug to their patrons. This ban could damage the “pot tourism” industry of the Netherlands. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: The new law came into consideration after southern cities in the

20 comments on “Amsterdam’s pot tourism in danger

  1. RequiemVortex on

    Don’t despair… you’ll still be able to get magic truffles and other stuff like that. And I doubt any marijuana cafes will actually uphold this stupid law, they’ve always been pretty fringe anyway.

  2. neo1131 on

    Once again a government confuses marijuana with crack, meth, and cocaine. Pot heads don’t commit crimes they sit on the couch eating Funions. It’s not a gateway drug either. So yes a pointless law will hurt their tourism, assuming the law is enforced.

  3. Zoomy on

    There is no way that a law which discriminates based on whether you’re a native or tourist will stand for too long. Not only that, but if enough businesses report falling profits and can link it to this new legislation, then it’ll hopefully get overturned on the basis of it creating unemployment.

  4. nisbahmumtaz909 on

    I wish I gave a shit.
    These kind of things waste my time anyway.
    I’m fine with everyone else opposing this law, but don’t drag in others who clearly don’t care.

  5. koffiegast on

    The whole point of ‘gedogen’ (tolerate) the sale of softdrugs was to hinder criminal organisations and the underground production. Now, by making it illegal for tourists they have 4 ‘bad’ consequences: 1. possibly less tourism, 2. underground production is stimulated, 3. coffee shops have less income and may be willingly go into underground production, 4. ‘discrimination’ lawsuits (even although it isnt). Tourists will get their hand on it anyway, so it is not going to help.

  6. jacksite2007 on

    But what the video doesn’t mention is that its the EU who have the biggest hold over this. The EU is the main push behind all this trying to get it banned to anyone who is ‘foreign’ to the country

  7. andy7666 on

    It will certainly be a massive loss, half thier tourism, more? Its ironic, they do this mainly because they worry about foreigners exporting cannabis, but you can’t buy large amounts in shops anyway so that “problem” is not going anywhere.. This will just force the sale of cannabis underground and into the hands of organised criminals. Fucking morons.

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