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Amsterdam Weed Cafes Closed To Tourist… (Tourism Suicide)

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14 comments on “Amsterdam Weed Cafes Closed To Tourist… (Tourism Suicide)

  1. devote on

    glad I got to experience Amsterdam back in 2006 if only for 3 days.
    I didn’t notice any problem with people smoking pot but there were some drunk dumb asses around. but that was during the world cup so it was understandable.
    my mum who hates smoke of any kind didnt mind it at all in amsterdam. she said it was there if you wanted it but if you didn’t it didn’t effect you what so ever.

  2. paranorma1palace on

    yeh, plus all the weed in the coffee shops is shaken to make hash, your lucky if you can find a sticky smelly bud in amsterdam these days anyway, well as a tourist at least, i havent been for 15 yrs and the weed was going shit then, ive heard from friends recently it hasnt got any better, so fuck them, i wasnt planning on going there anyway 🙂 lets not forget these are the guys who invented spraying silicon on the bud to make it look better :/ theres a lot wrong with amsterdam 🙂

  3. klowdz1 on

    i wonder what type of nuisance the tourists are gonna cause NOW, now that they can only drink alcohol…
    amsterdam has been a slap in the face and a kick in the balls to prohibition for the longest time, now amsterdam is slapping US in the face and kicking US in the balls..this is why everyone should just grow their own.

  4. TheSkinzilla on

    Something that I don’t like is that medical marijuana licenses aren’t recognized in other countries. My legal license in Canada still makes me a criminal if I smoke in the U.S. for example. In countries/states where it’s legal, why not recognize the license from another country/state? I’d like to take a trip, but now Amsterdam’s out, so I guess it’s Jamaica or bust.

  5. thevuduchild on

    @TheSkinzilla pot’s very much illegal in Jamaica just got back, it’s somewhat tolerated but it’s left to the discretion of the authorities you can be detained for smokin a joint. Portugal has decriminalized

  6. klowdz1 on

    @paranorma1palace WHOA,ive never heard of the silicon thing, thats just WRONG.
    and yeah i can imagine the trying to offload their hay bud on the tourists walking in asking for “your best stuff”, thats done everywhere. and paying full price for bud thats been keifed?
    lol no thanks. looks like California,Colorado and Portugal are gonna have to pick up the slack.

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