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Wild Justice: Mile High Marijuana : SUN MAR 25 10p et/pt : In the Santa Cruz mountains, Fish and Game wardens lie in wait for illegal Mexican cartel members to return to their grow site.

20 comments on “Ambush

  1. MudkipOwnsYou on

    @helldemon44 And that is why they shouldn’t fight it but legalize and regulate it, no? But since you instantly started insulting me I don’t think I can have a nice conversation with you, so I’ll just leave.

  2. taleoson on

    @music2012 I understand were your coming from and I’m an avid supporter of Marijuana but there poisoning the wildlife and Cannabis itself kills plants around it

  3. MudkipOwnsYou on

    @zackness5 Actually the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) kills cancer cells, look it up. And recently they released the details on a test (to which you are referring, I think) where they “proofed” marijuana killed brain cells. They pumped marijuana smoke through gas masks into the lungs of monkeys, without adding any extra oxygen. The monkeys suffocated slightly and they attributed the dead brain cells to the use of marijuana. There are some more things but I’m running out of space.

  4. zackness5 on

    @MudkipOwnsYou It may kill cancerous cells, I don’t know. but there’s a reason that people haven’t praised week as a cancer cure: It actually causes cancer. And there have been multiple tests to prove it kills brain cells. Dude there’s no way weed is GOOD for you, you can’t deny it

  5. ace101guy on

    That’s a great job. Got a lot of balls to do that with those crazy Mexican cartel. These guys ate making sure you people are having more of a clean environment more so than just busting weed.
    I would change the name though of “fish & game! Put your hands up” to “you are so fucked, you better not run butch!”

  6. MudkipOwnsYou on

    @zackness5 The plants don’t get people killed, the government and crime organisations do. If you legalize marijuana and regulate the growth you can actually make billions of dollars instead of wasting them to try and stop something people will keep doing anyway. I use marijuana on a regular basis as a recreational drug, just as I like my beer and an occasional cigarette. Look at where I live, the Netherlands. We don’t have all those problems and marijuana is just decriminalized here!

  7. zackness5 on

    @MudkipOwnsYou These plants get people killed, kill your brain cells, take away your lack of judgment, account for a huge percentage of gang trade, and in terms of this illegal mexican drug cartel, cause the deaths of thousands for millions made in illegal money

  8. helldemon44 on

    @MudkipOwnsYou no1 cares about how dangerous the drug is, nicotine and alcohol both make the gov money, underground sales of weed dont……….. make sense? fucking retard

  9. zackness5 on

    @zackness5 Once again, they kill your brain cells, take away your judgement, cause cancer, and impair you heavily. It doesn’t matter how “not bad” it is, it doesn’t make it good for you, and you can’t honestly say it does.

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