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A Harvard Economist Explains The Failed Drug War!

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8 comments on “A Harvard Economist Explains The Failed Drug War!

  1. dragon8me2 on

    The lier said Alaska re-criminalized cannabis because use went up but in reality it was because the Bush admin blackmailed the state telling them if they didn’t the feds would withhold highway funds. A popular tactic started by Reagan.

  2. funkstrman on

    @dragon8me2 that’s what they did in Montana when the speed limit was “reasonable and prudent” for a few years. the state got strongarmed into reverting back to 75 mph when the feds threatened to stop funding highways. it’s sick how much power our government has. it will be interesting to see what the feds do when a state’s voters legalize marijuana via a ballot initiative in 2012. that will tell the story about our government, and whether or not it is really “by the people, for the people”.

  3. funkstrman on

    Asa makes me sick. I get tired of seeing him spew the same old garbage. But I do agree with one thing he said, “I applaud Jeffrey for his being very honest on this…if you want to decrease violence or the powers of the cartel you have to legalize everything.” He KNOWS THIS but he doesn’t “think that’s the debate that’s gonna win in America.” Are you kidding me? This man knows the truth, but won’t push for it. That is why you make me want to puke Asa!

    Great video hoss, keep it up buddy!

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