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A bong bowl and some recent updates

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We sat down to smoke a bowl and talk about some recent updates. I have been trying to reply to more comments and I told a few people that I had made a video about my medical condition. We made a few videos last weekend and the audio is not good so we will have to record them again. I will write it out tonight and we will record them tomorrow. I am just as excited as the rest of you are about getting to talk about it, so please be patient. We also talk about the broken ash catcher. It looked real

20 comments on “A bong bowl and some recent updates

  1. superkushlover on

    i think its because you guys are bros, and that you both are so normal and so whatever about everything.thats why you get the views.i hung out with two older bros for like 15 years . nowadays not so much but we still all smoke heavy.

  2. zinku418 on

    What you said about how you break the bud up and how it tastes is true. sometimes the resin from other buds get stuck on my grinder, and then the next time I’m smoking i get a whole mix of crazy flavors.

  3. ImminentDeparture on

    Out of all the smokers on youtube, you guys and CannabisReviewTV are my favorites.

    TokinDaily’s too cheesy and fake for my taste, and TheCCC are cool but they seem to try too hard to be just that, and there’s also a condescending aspect to them. But you guys are humble, chill people who don’t put up a front and aren’t plagued by the numerous clichés often accompanied with being a stoner.

    Anyways, great video.

  4. rusticus09 on

    Just from what I’ve seen and heard.. Those down stems that have multiple arms are VERY fragile. (Maybe it’s just me or the kind that I have seen) I really wanted one but after some research I decided to pass on it. Something I wouldn’t mind seeing for the future is some BHO. It’s so rare for me to see in person but a real treat when I do.

  5. R3DBAND on

    @superkushlover I often wonder what makes these videos popular, and how far it will go. This keeps growing and sometimes I feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of having a large audience to entertain, and being a part of the cannabis culture. We are all feel a kind of unity as a group when we watch others smoking. I think a lot of people are discriminated against for smoking and we are here to give them hope. I was oppressed for a long time and I shouldn’t have to hide who I am anymore.

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