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# 651 Feds cracking down on California medical marijuana dispensaries

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20 comments on “# 651 Feds cracking down on California medical marijuana dispensaries

  1. siqbrah on

    Some reasons they keep Marijuana illegal:

    Cannabinoid’s (over 20 different kinds, 12 specific to the marijuana plant)
    Aminoalkyline (proven to PREVENT & FIGHT CANCER)
    various other Hydrocarbon’s none of which are harmful to human consumption.
    Lets not forget the over 150,000 material objects that Marijuana Resin and plant stalks can create.

  2. TheGamingGod360 on

    @traitorsbeware I am so glad you seeked me out on facebook! I just met you on my site! THANKS SO much! That made my month! Together we can really get some truth out there! I post your videos and many like it! If you want to give my page a shoutout in one of your videos. I so know it would help me out alot! I will so return the favor! Pretty Please? I would make a video but my comp is screwed up! That’s why I do it the way I do! Anyways thanks so much for checking my page out!

  3. EssiacHempLaetrile on

    “Normal and Cancerous Immune cells contain Cannabinoid Receptors (CB2), the CB2 can act like a target. Cannabinoids once they bind with the CB2, they can tell the Cancer cell to die. Therefore can be used effectively as an Anti-Cancer agent. .. The Endocannabinoids that we produce are in such small quantities and RAPIDLY degrade (Phytocannabinoids = Cannabis).”
    Dr. Nagarkatti, Professor of Immunology, University of South Carolina

  4. EssiacHempLaetrile on

    “We combined CBD with THC in culture dishes of aggressive Brain Cancer cells. We found a Synergistic improvement in the ability to THC not only to inhibit the growth but cause programmed cell death. We found specific Molecular Mechanisms that might explain why combining the two compounds makes a more efficient treatment. The data suggests the compounds to be active you must use a high concentration (Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure Hemp Oil) you WON’T be able to do that by smoking it”
    Dr. McAllister

  5. METALLICA6547 on

    i dont touch pot, but i have no problem with people using it, it is natural, complete from nature, they should get rid of beer and whisky and ciggerettes the real posions, pot seems to help cancer patients, i know because my mother has used it to kill her nausia from the radiation and chemo she has suffered due to a brain tumor! it pisses me off to no end-bottom line the FEDRAL GOv needs to piss off and but out of our lives thats why there is states and stae laws!

  6. peterpotpie on

    Thank you for the video. Big Pharma is calling the shots, and Obama is just doing what he’s told.
    Let’s all say goodbye to Obama in 2012. And let’s say hello to an honest president. It ‘s about greed and corruption in America.

    Ron Paul in 2012!!!

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