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50000 Arrested Last Year For Marijuana In NYC Needlessly Scarring The Lives Of Tens Of Thousands

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June 23, 2012 MSNBC News

20 comments on “50000 Arrested Last Year For Marijuana In NYC Needlessly Scarring The Lives Of Tens Of Thousands

  1. pkr8ch on

    its so refreshing to see a serious discission about cannabis on a major network. Thanks Chris Hayes & MSNBC lets keep it up. i think it’d be nice to bring up some history of it and show why and how it became illegal, i think a lot of people would be surprised.

  2. FIZZEL415 on

    Im going to smoke no matter what you do to me,im fuck you up by spending all my time in the hospital,destory government property within the system,nothing you can do bitches!

  3. Thezuule1 on

    Except usually if you want a law changed you have to disobey it. Most of the rights gained by people were in fact gained by civil disobedience. People who just refused to move their seat or to leave a lunch counter. Sometimes you have to realize the law is not moral or just.

  4. GuysCallMeShawna on

    1) We don’t need the state’s permission; we’re adults
    2) We grant power to the state; NOT the other way around.

    I motion we take back our power. Down with this corrupt establishment. Just say “yes” to liberty.

  5. Thezuule1 on

    Legalization comes with a fine as well, it’s called a tax. At least with decriminalization there’s a chance you won’t have to pay the fine (read tax).

  6. MackeyForce10 on

    less money for schools more money for prisons, thats what both partys are all in on.
    If this many people are being arrested for weed in one year and in one city then the law needs reform.

  7. ABevs1 on

    Legalize not decriminalize. Decriminalization will still lead to racism and expensive unnecessary fines. Should people get a fine for having a beer or selling a beer?

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