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11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Too Much Perfume in Class, $150 Fine!

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Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — (AUSTIN, TX) If you disrupted class or used profanity back in school, you were probably sent to the principal’s office. Today in Texas, more students are being sent to criminal court instead. Last February a student at Fulmore Middle School says she received a ticket for “disruption of class” after spraying perfume on herself. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” said 13-year-old Sarah, who was in the sixth grade at the time she was ticketed. “I thought I didn’t smell

9 comments on “11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Too Much Perfume in Class, $150 Fine!

  1. olecodjur on

    Parents have been told for so many years that government schools will turn students into zombies. Now those zombies are in charge every where. The world has gone insane. The sooner the gov’t schools are shut down the better for the world.

  2. GoldenDragon214 on

    …. and then, if you are found guilty, appeal it. When the state finds itself having to pay their DA’s thousands of dollars to prosecute these cases, they will stop this nonsense.

  3. unassumption on

    TYT posts at least one story of nazi-cops a week… often mall or school cops. The service cops should provide is essential – which makes the ones that abuse their power all the worse.Though only a few cops do stuff like this the system means they always get away with it which smears all cops. Though who would choose that profession except a sadistic unqualified megalomaniac git.

    tbh purfume shouldn’t be sprayed in class (asthmatics etc) but calling the cops for that wtf is the point?

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