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Burn Journal: Introducing my Outdoor Plants


May 12, 2012


In my first ever video blog, I introduce 6 of my outdoor medical marijuana plants. I got these babies as clones from Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA. Just an introduction, nothing really informational to note. I started blogging to pass time while I re

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God save the Queen and pass the joint


January 18, 2012


The Liberals decide to support the monarchy and the legalization and regulation of marijuana. Jacques Bourbeau and Tom Clark report.

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Lonnie’s trip on salvia 50x


May 9, 2011


Killed a fat bowl of this nasty salvia shit, I didn’t remember any of this….

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Five Legal Marijuana Herbal Plants (Speed Queen) on Pascalite


May 7, 2011


1 month 1 week old plants, raised just by the light of the Sun, mineral water treated with Pascalite, organic soil without fertilizer, added tiny amounts of cow manure and mixed in with dry Pascalite clay. Five Legal Marijuana Herbal Plants in my window seal f

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Day 37


February 14, 2011


Jillybean starts off it’s 6th week in bloom as Space Queen is 1 more day away from starting Week 4. Drove to San Francisco and stopped in at Berkeley Patients Group, a famous medical marijuana dispensary. I picked up some much needed Space Queen clones t

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Marijuana Grow Tube