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WATCH: Naked Man Goes On Ninja-Like Rampage In Indianapolis


July 3, 2012


A naked man went on a rampage last month in the streets of Indianapolis, doing “ninja” somersaults and karate-like kicks to evade the police officers and bystanders who attempted to wrangle him. Recently-posted video shows David Martin, the nude 27

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KanyeKnievel’s Salvia Trip INSANE


July 29, 2011


Just wanted to share with you guys my last and definitely last salvia trip ever. Shit is crazy. Something that you are like 70% or something like that, likely to have a bad trip, but it is worth the experience that you have… i mean I never thought being

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No More Marijuana In Amsterdam, Naked Condoms Daily Brief – 5.31.11


May 31, 2011


Today on The Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: Naked Condoms: Amsterdam Laws: Find any interesting stories you want us to feature? Leave a comment and we’ll use them next time! Check out yesterday’s

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The Marijuana Song


March 1, 2011


PLEASE WATCH AT LEAST UNTIL THE CHORUS….THATS WHERE IT GETS GOOD!!! Sorry about the singing…but seriously…get high, and enjoy 😉

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