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KanyeKnievel’s Salvia Trip INSANE

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Just wanted to share with you guys my last and definitely last salvia trip ever. Shit is crazy. Something that you are like 70% or something like that, likely to have a bad trip, but it is worth the experience that you have… i mean I never thought being able to live and walk through a dream, let alone a nightmare was possible. I dont codone drug use or anything, but since its legal its okay I guess. But I seriously could make my own religion out of this and what our purpose on this earth and u

13 comments on “KanyeKnievel’s Salvia Trip INSANE

  1. TheFJJ8 on

    I live in new jersey also and I wanted to know if that stuff is still legal to buy I’m just wondering because some people say it is and some say it’s not but I wanted to try it

  2. WhoblehwahV2 on

    I was actually talking about salvia today. I’ve never tried it, but I might soon. Although I just found out its apparently illegal now in NY. Yet cigarettes are still legal. God bless America.

  3. Kevin2814535 on

    My salvia trip fucking enlightened me, I was like this tiny person in a room of giant file cabinets. Huge godlike people in white roes opened the cabinet and all these papers and files came out, and in the files were clips of people’s lives and experiences and shit. All these peoples lives and shit streamed through my eyes on these papers..fuckin crazy

  4. GiggsRUs on

    lol, when i did salvie i forgot how a house worked and i forgot how to get from room to room. i was so scared i just layed on the floor yelling wtf over and over haha

  5. MrRizthekid on

    through smoking bud i have these things called lucid dreams, look them up bro. its like u make ur own dream and better than a trip and 100% natural.

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