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Salvia Trip: Guy takes TWO BONG RIPS… “Scary Trip”

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7 comments on “Salvia Trip: Guy takes TWO BONG RIPS… “Scary Trip”

  1. TheDarkDuoShow on


    Agreed! Psychedelic’s should be taken with great care. Luckily he was surrounded by close friends as you stated. We documented only for the purpose of showing him so he could relocate thoughts as you tend to be confused after tripping.

  2. m0tto on

    Salvias not something to be fuck about with, I would hate to have a camera in my face, people asking me questions and laughing at me. Obviously your his friends and in the end he calmed down but in my opinion thats the bad way to have a salvia trip, you have to respect it more than that.

  3. lifeimprovement19 on

    you told me bout this on stickam. fuuuuunnnnnnnnyyyyy shit lol.
    man that geeza was tripping. i thought he was just gunna stay there dribbling on the couch. get up the good work.

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