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20 comments on “Wtf

  1. akasmokesalot johnny on

    whaddup buddy…thanks for the words….im not going to give up…ive got a clone ready to go in a bucket of bubbly water right now……lol…not. my next run is going to be in dirt…..get a little more room and try it again in another run or two..

  2. oldfroggy25 on

    Its always good to have a low tech back up in case the batteries fail. or the device goes out of calibration. one recommendation is to take a sample to a local hydro store and see if they will test it for you. the worst that can happen is they say no.

  3. Permanently High on

    Sorry bro that looks like damaged feeder roots that’s wy it started the leave yellowing and now is just getting worse,it looks like that plant is not able to take up water,and is now dying of thurst,turn down your lights that’s for sure,now change res,and get the ph right,then use lowest amount hardly any nutes,res has to be on the light side since the plant is not able to perform,maybe you can save the colas but most of those leafes will not make it.

  4. oldfroggy25 on

    well I hope your recovery from your last dwc is a fast one. I just got my lights in and I have to finish my room. just a few more odds and ends and Ill have my chance to kill a few

  5. akasmokesalot johnny on

    ill get on that thanks….i didnt know about the tds meters;…i was gonna buy a filter that had a meter that came with it but i didnt know how well the meter would work….if nothing else my shit will be here the 11th and 12th

  6. BolagnaSheetsMD . on

    ouch brother,I feel for you bro and am so sorry that happend, I am too scardey to run dwc lol it would break my heart if something like that happened to me. Thats why I use the cheap way super soil, mite seem more expensive when you buy the bag but in the end after buying all those nutes and dwc equipment and all the stress and worry when something catastrophic like this happens doesn’t seem so expensive

  7. mediBUD707 on

    Another great thing to use for DWC especially if you don’t have a chiller is Dutch masters root zone. Check it out! It can work wonders! I’m subbing you I like your back story, pretty similar to my own lol. Check out my vids if you have time! Also if u can tell me what nutes u used I might be able to tell what caused it…Just subbed&i’ll check ur videos later. Peace&blessings bro!

  8. akasmokesalot johnny on

    thanks so looking forward to my auto now…ill still get a harvest…just not what i was hoping for. i was going to be set. me and wifey cant smoke a pound in 12 weeks…oh well we might have to buy a sack or two. no biggie! ive paid full price my whole life so a few more months wont kill me..thanks for the words of support!!!! a couple of my strawberry purple urkles have cracked and getting a little nub sticking out.maybe they can go in dirt tomorrow.all my cheese bx1 are in dirt waiting

  9. akasmokesalot johnny on

    oh shit what up sheewolf! im so sorry you have to see her like this…i hope you got to see the vids of her when she was thriving…ill get her back if there is any get back left in her…i have been praying to all gods all day but i havent tried voodoo and if you dont think that its against good karma im willing to try…..i really thank you for stopping by!!! tell duffbake and cdub what up for me…

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