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How to Grow Weed (Full Guide) Weeks 1-2

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This channel and its content are intended for adults over the age of 21. I do not condone any illegal activities, and this video was filmed for documentary purposes only.

In this episode of From Seed to Stoned I will be showing you how to carry a grow through its first few weeks of life. I’ll be covering everything from transplanting, feeding, watering, and also creating the perfect environment for cannabis plants during the vegetative stage. I also discover something that could potentially put a stop to one of our grows. We will cover all three grows, the $100 super budget space bucket, the mid range closet grow, and also the 10K advanced build.

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10K Advanced Build:

Grow Tent:
Promo Code:FromSeed
LED Light:
Promo Code:FromSeed
Supplemental Lights:
Promo Code:FromSeed
RDWC Setup:
PH Perfect:
02 Grow:
Carbon Filter:
Exhaust Fan:
C02 Kit:
Smart Plugs:
Sensor System:
Oscillating Fan:
Wyze Cameras:
Tower Fan –
Dehumidifier –
Humidifier –
Heater –
PH Tester –
Aluminum Foil Tape –
1/8″ Adjustable Hangers –
Portable AC –

Mid Range Build:

Grow Tent:
LED Lights:
Exhaust/Carbon Filter:
Intake Fan:
Clip-on Fan:
Ratcheting Rope Straps:
Ducting Tape:
Temp/Humidity Monitor:

$100 Space Bucket:
5 Gal Buckets (x3) – Buy in person its much cheaper
CFL Light Pack –
E26/27 Sockets –
Lamp Cord –
PC Fans (x2) –
12v DC Adapter –
Thin Mylar –
Plug Timer –
Soil –
Nutes –

Nutrients/pest control/solutions Used:

Pest Control Spray –
PH Calibration Liquid –

Harvest Supplies:

USB Microscope:
Trim Tray:
Jewelers Loupe –
Trimmers –
Drying Rack –
Jars –
Broveda Packs –

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions for videos.

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