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Week 5 Flowers and Veg Tent Day 2 Update


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Week 5 Flowers and Veg Tent Day 2 UpdateWelcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! LED lights & Grow Tents: Coupon code: G420G OverGrowSociety merchandi…

16 comments on “Week 5 Flowers and Veg Tent Day 2 Update

  1. Austin Scott on

    Might wanna just throw some strings around the stems and tie them off to
    the poles at the top of the tent.. like Justin Wolfe said staking that late
    is gonna make stress breaking those roots, be wise mane! U got everything
    rocking tho keep it up

  2. Brett Metcalfe on


    You should leave the bud on the stock and just pull bong rips of it just
    for 1 plant tho ..i just wanna see a fat cola 

  3. Robert Fisher on

    Hell yea bruddah shit looks right like usual
    Love the cleanliness and organization … ur the man son … n im excited
    about jipse cumin over there for a wile. It will b awesome…

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