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Veg Room Build w/Medicropper genetics

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Me building out my new veg room, from the beginning, to the end. It’s important to realize that everything we do has a beginning that it looks like it couldn’t possibly be like it is at th end. There is something transformational about it. As is the same with people and learning. Hopefully seeing how the room is put together will be a guide to help other people put together their rooms! Big shoutout to Medicropper for hooking me up with some awesome genetics to grow! It’ll be fun to grow the sam

6 comments on “Veg Room Build w/Medicropper genetics

  1. stoner3778 on

    looks really really good. good luck with this 1. medicropper is 1 cool dude. awesome channel and heaps of great info. love it. he hooked you up wit some great strains. lucky gal. sorry to here about the ballast. was it new.? waranty. keep fighting the great fight. peace.

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