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update 5 and day 35 and day 15


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update 5 and day 35 and day 15heres another update sorry i was so negative ill try to stay positive on the next.

20 comments on “update 5 and day 35 and day 15

  1. Crispy Critter on

    Dirty my friend you know what your doing just laugh it off to there own ignorance you have alot of us that love you an the tecnics you teach an you love to teach us that are willing to learn dont let some dinkwrinkle bumm ya out as you see by your comments you have alot of friends that got your back like you say there are many ways to grow and no one way is the only way keep ya chin up brotha smile an wave a finger at em

  2. woodsman6119 on

    Hey dude. Disabled vet here as well. got caught growing back in the 80’s and stopped it all, smokin and all. Raised a fam and now divorced. Rebuildin my life. Keep on keepin on brother. Don’t let anyone get you down. Many people feel better about themselves when they put others down. They know nothing. You do ok. Stand tall and hope we can communicate sometime. God Bless and keep the faith.

  3. Cas-tle Grown on

    Your amnesia auto are beasts. Let’s not forget that your were thinking about Autos several years ago when the word fem and auto were hardly being uttered. Your genetics speak for themselves, fuck those folks that say otherwise. If it weren’t for you none of us would have the guts to try so hard. Haters’ jealousy will destroy them, ya know. I am still tuning in brother, still learning from the best. Take a breath and kick back and watch the ladies 🙂 You have a nice day man. Peace

  4. JUNWEI li on

    DBW i am fully supportive of what you do..but do take care to listen to my rant..i will be doing a delayed sunday rant..and explain somethings that should brighten your day…..and be dench my friend

  5. Dolla on

    Don’t close it down..ppl ate always gonna hate or have ill criticism..keep growing how you want to whole grow this run i kept hearing you shouldn’t do that and that’s not right buuuuut my plants always speak for themselves..piece and pot…YOU DID THIS

  6. B A JONES on

    whoaaa nah dont leave the tube fuck them let em hate yes i know how ya feel trust me ive been there i still be getn negative comments fuck em they dont even have a fuckn grow vid up they all can kiss my black ass right after i take a shit!!!! keep doing watcha doing DBW you the man keep teaching cause ppl like me need all the help we can get nothing but love fo ya brah oh plants are fuckn tall i wanna see the finish to these thats fo sho

  7. shtfngrs on

    i find it hard to believe b52 will kill your bennies when they have it in there own line up with bennies people just dont know there heads from there ass. half the people that talk shit on yt dont even post vids or have a page so show me your and ill show you mine or shut up lol. keep it green and do what you do brotha

  8. Zacnix Nixon on

    Man your funny they probably never even see pot save for your viddies on you tube! Don’t worry stay + .they eventually get tired .
    Kill em with coolness either way were happy so that’s all that matters.
    SPLIFLIZARD!father time genetix.Peace & cannabis grease.Real growers never Trash talk fellow growers that’s right you cunts fuck off with your anal games were to busy
    Please fuck yourselves off leave
    This man alone.Just cuz he cares y’all don’t even know how.
    ~  \/

  9. xx420Alchemistxx on

    most of us have felt that pain and it passes my friend. im sorry someone typed before thinking and believe me, i really do understand your feelings. i hope you know there are many of us that appreciate you and what you teach. sometimes that negative attention means your doing something right. as with life, there are many ways to get to where you want to be at. remember your one of the good guys and the ones that dont want to listen, well, its their loss sir. take care and be well mr. db waterrr

  10. Mystjah on

    awesome rant….. yeah bro I loathe people who have nothing good to say they know it all ….. sending positive vibes and blessing thanks for sharing you have good day as well ….Laterz

  11. 6OldSalt62 on

    Mr. DB, I would remind you that many people appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. I can’t figure out how you and jay the Grow Pro have managed to be so “lucky” so many times in a row…? I’m a fan! PS, most people don’t have a clue what couth means, except old dudes like us!!! HaHaHaHa!

  12. Permanently High on

    Hey if you spend time thinking about what one bring you down person said,then your too busy thinking about how to be happy,other influences tend to mislead and sway us from our real destination in life which is to be happy and self fulfilled by helping others,just a little help,redline ,peace.

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