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Trimming Cannabis Trees in BC


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Trimming Cannabis Trees in BC In this video, Jason Wilcox helps some friends with his podcast co-host Chad Jackett trimming some medicine and showing the collective of like-minded people who…

7 comments on “Trimming Cannabis Trees in BC

  1. Christopher Vaughn on

    Nice meds…people should not had on the dog. You explained it well. .and
    its a private grow…If I had a dog I would probably have nim around my
    personal. .way to put it out there…do not see enough glove wearing. .good
    for sanitation among a few lower benefits. ..looks like a clean fun loving
    crew hard at work, beautiful meds…and awesome shout out to
    fumapipes…they show a lot of love to us mean skreenz team… great
    product. .great job you guys..leading by example. .spread the peace and
    sharing the love….positive vibes !

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