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Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug Prohibition


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Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug ProhibitionMY OPINIONS ON MARIJUANA AND DRUG PROHIBITION This video gives my basic reasoning on why I support the full legilization of marijuana for recreational use as…

20 comments on “Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug Prohibition

  1. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    The broadening of minds scares the government. LSD, Psilocybin, Marijuana, even MDMA have less harmful effects than alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. All these things that makes people think for themselves compared to cigarettes a basically none altering addictive profit gainer. Alcohol leads to alcoholism and drunk driving accidents, and caffeine is good for work, stimulates the worker which stimulates economy. Its all a system so that we stay ignorant and keep working. Like lab rats almost

  2. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    The dare program, above the influence, and all these propaganda filled commercials and groups don’t state clear facts. They make theses exaggerated lies to tell kids and when the kid experiences it and likely has a good experience it breaks down barriers and the kid who now enjoys experimenting is unaware because everything he has heard is propaganda. Its a terrible system we have here at least.

  3. Trippy Era on

    Substances that make you think differently, are seen as a threat to the governments. In every country. But alcohol doesn’t make you think more, it makes you think less. Just look at the facts, alcohol FUCKS you up, and if you’re unlucky enough to become an alcoholic, it ruins your life, and everyones life around you. People die every day from alcohol, yet it’s still legal. Weed never killed ANYONE, I don’t see the logic in this.

  4. EditslV on

    This is how they explain here in Finland why weed is illegal 1. The drug makes you think differently, and for some reason the goverment here doesnt want that 2. Some of the people that smoke weed will eventually when weed doesn’t give you the good high anymore it leads you to stronger drugs, and makes you want to take other drugs, they say that weed is the enter to the world of dangerous drugs ( they dont state that weed is harmfull) But yeah i smoke weed alot 🙂

  5. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    exactly and I find that when I drive which is rare after smoking I’m so nervous about driving that I actually follow traffic laws better than when im sober lol

  6. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    In NJ it is legal for medical use but the program isnt really off the ground yet. Not many approved physicians and I believe theres only 1 dispensary which is conveniently 15 mins from my house.

  7. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    agreed about your comment and sure I’ll find the names to the songs. As for links I dont remember or know where to get them. I’ve had these since 2011 and I downloaded them all as a pack of free copyright dubstep.

  8. TheLudovicoTreatment on

    agreed but I was talking more along the lines of physical body effects, like withdrawals from heroin or other opiates. But that doesnt mean I dont agree with you that I enjoy playing video games and smoking every now and then.

  9. Chris Samuels on

    Have you ever mixed subatances?(like multiple at a time) And if so, what are your views on it? I have only done thos once, with MDMA and i smoked some DMT….it was unforgettable, and im pretty sure i came back with the meaning of life lol

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