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STINKY MONEY! Banks Won’t Take Your Money If It Smells Like Marijuana


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STINKY MONEY!  Banks Won't Take Your Money If It Smells Like MarijuanaApril 05, 2013 KOMO 4 News

20 comments on “STINKY MONEY! Banks Won’t Take Your Money If It Smells Like Marijuana

  1. rsnboy08 . on

    This is so stupid!!! Whey will not take money that smell like weed but most of the money in the fucking world coated with cocaine and heroine (and so are the credit cards) Fuck banks… take your money OUT of the banks.. keep it under your mattress.

  2. HorrorAngel666 on

    Sure, I’ll talk to the bank manager. The only thing uncomfortable about it will be the welt across his bitch ass face and how he will feel like a little bitch and how they will have to treat me like royalty from then on.

  3. keenkennyny on

    So the banks won’t accept “smelly money”, but they’ll gladly launder trillions of dollars for Drug Cartels and the same group, listen for the emphasis, the same terrorist groups that launched the 9/11 attacks. And the only penalty they had was a $2billion fine from the US government and no when was jailed and neither were any policies or regulations….
    If you’re not good at math, $2billion is is .002c for just 1 trillion…

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