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SoP Marijuana Grow Teaser 2


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SoP Marijuana Grow Teaser 2Just showing you some of the changes I will be making for this grow. We will kick this grow off in about 2 week.

20 comments on “SoP Marijuana Grow Teaser 2

  1. TheCrunchymango on

    Yeah the PGRs in bushmaster are why its banned in certain states in the USA… never use anything like that,shit i grow so i can/do control my own shit, im not organic by anymeans HOWEVER ill never use shit like that,Eagle 20 etc etc,rather throw the lot away than use that (though if you cannot grow without eagle20 you shouldn be growing imo)….CANNA is the best IMO..use it at the right times and its one of the best on the market !!!

  2. MrMookster on

    Canna is not the best AT ALL, i’ve got their base Coco A/B nutes lab tested and they have at times been HALF of what thier guarenteed minimum analysis says they are supposed to be. Does that sound like quality to you? Thats the kinda stuff that gets recalled and ripped off the shelfs.

  3. Mr45AutoShooter on

    Bath salts…LMFAO…Im using the same ingredients you’re paying for in water.

    Its cool to say you get 24 ounces from one light….I typically dont believe shit that I cant see though, so no luck with that one…

    If you have been growing for 11 years then I really hope to hell you can produce a better clone than that lol.

    I get 12 ounces a plant…LMFAO, good one.

  4. Mr45AutoShooter on

    I saw your clone…Please dont suggest that you are going to teach me something…lol

    I have used AN for years. Before they even came out with their ph perfect bullshit. I now make my own nutrients using raw salts. ya know, the ingredients they list on the back of bottles…I spend roughly 15 dollars to the pound on nutrients and yield 12-18 ounces per light depending on strain…AN can not beat this. Not only cant it beat it but it costs 10 times more.

  5. Mr45AutoShooter on

    Its called a marketing gimmick for one…Sorry you cant see that. They say its in their product, and it is…IN TINY ASS AMOUNTS…

    Funny…When I mix up sensi bloom a&b at 4ml/l it comes out to around 2.3 EC with R/O water…Thats not including the 3 different additives they want you to use.

    Half the production because you dont use additives??? Please…Its about correct nutrient ratios bud. Not how many additives you use. I have been down that road.

  6. edoh907 Mr. E on

    it is all the bushmaster’s fault. I’ve used it an I only use like 1 to 2 ml gallon. gave my most experienced strain more weight. I haven’t done any real tests but I will be this summer

  7. TheGingerBreadMoth on

    medi bro you shudda had a chat with me on cyco and a.n,i use cyco at a much higher rate because its alot thinner than the an products so it matches up with my ratios ,say i use a and b of cyco but additives are an id put 4ml a litre of the base cos its cyco if an it b 2ml

  8. redeyejediful on

    yes i am on this one lol. i’ll just stop the convo here and say u don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about. first yes u get what u pay for and the results show. i never said don’t use! as you read back i said it was already in the mix. i find it funny u think u know more than A.N. lmao and the e.c. is no where near 3 more like 2. have to use r.o. water…..additives aren’t needed if you want half the production lol and nobody was talking to you, lol but you gonna learn today.

  9. ThePayton22 on

    @mr45AutoShooter hey brotha I think I agree with u on the guys 12ounce plants, if anyone wants to compare I have a video of a real 12 ounce plant which I think it’s named 1 pounder or something, check it out and then look at his again it’ll make u laugh for how my real 12oz plant is atleast 5 times the size of his lol:)

  10. redeyejediful on

    YOU HAVEN’T seen shit turd boy. i put that up to prove how simple it is! your full of shit dude. i get 12 oz off one plant….usually two to a light. have fun with your bath salts and stay off my nuts. i’ve been growing for half your life i bet ….kid.

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