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Smoking In The Grow Room?! ~ The Risks & Benefits


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Smoking In The Grow Room?! ~ The Risks & BenefitsIn this video I discuss the risks and benefits of smoking cannabis in your grow room. I also answer questions about my Bent Glass Bong. Danks for watching! P…

11 comments on “Smoking In The Grow Room?! ~ The Risks & Benefits

  1. BakeWithBree on

    Omg I LOVE that you talked about good vibes and smoking with your plants!!!
    Do you sing to them too!? I always sing to plants when I’m caring for them.
    I’m a very energy oriented person I’d say. I love using stones to balance
    my chakra and I meditate when I toke sometimes. You’re a beautiful spirit!
    I could always see that you’re in touch with energies, and
    sending/receiving vibes from not only people, but pretty much everything! I
    hope you always get great vibes from me! That’s all I ever want to give
    out. Last comment I swear! Lol (I comment as I watch)

  2. BakeWithBree on

    I never knew that bent glass was with puree! I love the avenger piece! You
    can dab and bong rip on that bad boy, maybe even at the same time! So sick.
    I hope you can eventually get your hands on one yourself! I love scientific
    looking pieces. I love the names you give yours, each of mine are like my
    babies, my pride and joy. I’ve lost a few along the years, shed lots of
    tears over them, but I’ve learned to be more careful and I baby them now.
    They’re locked away when not in my hands! Oh shit.. This is another
    comment. =D

  3. BakeWithBree on

    I love you darlin! You’re always a day brightener and you’re sessions are
    very enjoyable & knowledgeable! thanks for sharing with us and being so
    awesome. I love your bent glass bong! She’s a cutie! You should see my
    bongzilla, he’s a 24″ with two Percs! A monster lol. I’m almost at 420
    subscribers, which is awesome! Anywho, just wanted to say HIGH!
    Peace, love, and Mary Jane!

  4. tv76g on

    High! Lol, Im a new subscriber , love your videos, and the things you talk
    about are very cool info!! Love the cannabox you receive in the mail ,
    going to subscribe to them also ! Keep doing what you are doing , your
    great!! Dank you!! 

  5. SnakeDoc21 on

    The only thing i heard of is that smoking around your plants makes them
    more susceptible to tobacco mosaic virus… but you would never know
    without scientific analysis… otherwise great video…!

  6. MOODYGIRl on

    I dislike being from DC/MD due to that. People are so hateful here, and for
    other people actually see what I complain about a lot and it is saddening.
    But good video I want to grow when I start up again.

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