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Site B Build Out and The Microbial Experiment


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Site B Build Out and The Microbial ExperimentLEGAL CANNABIS PATIENT MUST BE 18 TO VIEW ** QUESTIONS & TALK – INSTAGRAM – Facebook – https://w…

14 comments on “Site B Build Out and The Microbial Experiment

  1. Green Crossed on

    love your energy BG!! Keep up the great work and documentaries. Really
    interested how your beans turn out as we’re about to try to start breeding.
    Best wishes.

  2. valknut on

    put orca film over that silver insulation just where the light bounces off
    the walls trust me you will get +3000 lux in the corners. in your small
    room it will help too, small room like that you can get alot of yeald off a
    $150 one time investment. its a whiter white. if you have never seen it in
    person its a huge diffrence

  3. TRizLEDtech on

    Absolutely epic new warehouse. Can’t wait to see her up and running. Keep
    the vids comin man great content! Your the new medicropper now that he’s
    gone lol

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