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s2 How to Lollipop your cannabis plant


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s2 How to Lollipop your cannabis plantD Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Be sure to check out my website!! Grow420…

20 comments on “s2 How to Lollipop your cannabis plant

  1. John Smith on

    Quick question just hit day 2 of 12/12 (video tonight ) but how far of the top of plants are u running your 1k/600. When u flip to 12/12 in your tent. I also have a 4/4/7. Keep spreading the knowledge.

  2. meghan00851 on

    Nice vid G420G… always love the informative ones. Glad ur so picky n chose the best footage possible for us fellow growers. Big Thanx! Keep em Coming. Oo n u def shud hit up CustomGrow for a table top blanket/”dab blanket”. They’re on point! Btw ur ladies are lookin beauuutiful! Nice growin! Peace n Love

  3. 904MALCOM on

    Aye, I need your help. I’m trying to choose a good potting soil for my Autoflowers. I stuck between Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Hyponex potting soil. Which do you think is best for them or should I try the potting soil you use? 

  4. Mike Dawson on

    i supply a wide range of strains such as Purple kush, bluberry kush, Lemon Haze, mg 39, AK 47, Bubble gum, Northern Lights, Black Pioson,Juicy Fruit,Purple Nepal,Purple Passion,Purple Pussy,Purple Urkle,Domino,Raspberry ,King Kong ,K.O Kush,

  5. acapolcogold on

    love your vids man, and your grows , right now im just a micro grower (legal and money issues) but one i day i want to grow on a scale like you do. keep up the good work man cant wait for more vids from you 🙂 happy growing

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