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Red 1 from the “Little Rascalz” Interview “Keeping it Real in Canada”


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Red 1 from the In this video Jason Interviews Red 1 from the Little Rascalz and founder of Red Med dispensary a real eye openi…

14 comments on “Red 1 from the “Little Rascalz” Interview “Keeping it Real in Canada”

  1. Alison Myrden on

    GREAT Representation! Welcome aboard Red honey… 😉

    Love and a Squish,

    Alison Myrden
    Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada
    Retired Law Enforcement Officer
    Speaker for LEAP since 2004
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM
    International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines
    Ontario Representative for the Coalition Against Repeal
    DPL/PPL Coalition Against Repeal

  2. MrPercythrower on

    we need a jason type character here in uk to fight our corner ,someone who can beat them in their lies and propganda shit ,its like 1930 here with reefer madness highs here are the problem not mj .keep at it j.

  3. Jason Wilcox on

    Were holding up thanks for asking its been a challenge to unite the Country and find ways to raise $250,000 we have come a long way…..Its run my health down but well worth it ….others are worse off than I thus i need finish what I started.

    Jason Wilcox
    The Cannabis in Canada Society

  4. Daniel Compton on

    You guys will do it right, the people of America are blind Monsanto works with cannabis seed company’s that’s what we should be worried about. If it goes national which it will they will control it like our food we need our own control board regulated by the cannabis community not the Feds.

  5. MrPercythrower on

    they keep saying in uk mj ruins lifes and communitys.maybe the triads with trafficked garderners do but the triads are guests here of our mi5 its all a shak

  6. Stikibits on

    For the Canadian Government it’s about cutting out current producers and promoting corporate producers.
    The current Canadian policy is not about the people’s rights, but the corporate class’s lust to heavily capitalize.

  7. Stikibits on

    You’ll find that small producers will be forced out of production and that production will be taken over by very powerful corporations. These corporations will be interested in keeping competition as close to non existent as possible, so that their shareholders benefit, but that will be all that matters.
    The Canadian Government is working with these corporations. People like you will be cut out of producing and you’ll never be able to afford the required licences, or undue regulations.

  8. oGERONIMOo on

    I’m not here trying to make a dollar!! Keeping it real, profits aren’t bad but serious people in the industry don’t put profits first but rather patients are their number 1 priority. Great vid!! Thanks mang!!

  9. Jason Wilcox on

    Hi Stikibits…..indeed the Coalition is very much about our rights. Do some homework and you will see we have been preparing for 10 months to restrain and put the Feds on Trial ….John W Conroy QC our counsel in this matter has made the announcement through the Coalition that we will serve the Feds by Sept 30th 2013….then Injunction in November ….its a $250,000 matter and the Feds are on trial….and its all under Charter Law as in our Constitution hence our Rights ….

    Jason Wilcox

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