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Race to Christmas day 7


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Race to Christmas day 7Wasup growmies! Make sure to leave some feedback, and subscribe to my channel for more updates.

9 comments on “Race to Christmas day 7

  1. migz doggy on

    Some plants are in a knockoff shitty coco called gold label or w.e. the rest are in cyco coco which I really like. I use straight up tap water that comes out at 8.0ph/145ppm with advanced nutrients new p.h. perfect coco line.

  2. mediBUD707 on

    Sweet ass setup and proper plants man! Why make the automated system fancy? Just keep it simple like mine. Outside the tent a pump/ reservoir to 1″ main tube the length of tent connected with fittings&1/4″ feeding lines to plants. It works better with shorter 1″&longer 1/4″ for even pressure.

  3. migz doggy on

    Thanks for dropping by and subbing guys! Before my plants are fed my ph usually falls inbetween 6.2 for veg and 6.4 in flower without adding any buffers just using advanced nutrients new coco line. My runoff is at a steady 6.1. so far so I can’t complain to much but I do run into a couple spotted leaves here and there. I wish I had a fancy automated watering system man!!. Not only would this help save a lot of time but then I could run a scrog on both sides and that would be dope.

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