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Preventative Maintenance & DIY Air Pots-(vegg room)


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Preventative Maintenance & DIY Air Pots-(vegg room)Whats going on tube just a quick look at the new strains,and vegg room…I’ll be going over preventative maintenance and showing you how to make your own DIY…

20 comments on “Preventative Maintenance & DIY Air Pots-(vegg room)

  1. Canna Ken on

    Looken good bro. Spray those plants.. I spray my vegi every other day with
    just water. Especially in this cold ass winter were having. As for bugs.. I
    use azamax, rosemary/dish soap, and cinnamon/dish soap. Seems to work for
    me. The rosemary i have to really dilute, some strains dont like it.
    Keep up green !

  2. redeyejediful on

    Looking mean and green my friend. Glad to see you’re putting in the care
    and maintenance. Great tip also, I’ll be drilling holes soon. I think some
    of the genetics you acquired were. Bluecheese, Moby Dick, cherry o.g. ,
    white lavendar and maybe a skunk. But push them bitches…push em real good

  3. Deschain420 on

    0:41 You’re welcome.

    Is the life cycle of plant pests really long enough to evolve natural
    tolerance/immunity to a product?

    I use “Green Tree Fruit Spray” from Lowe’s. It’s NEEM based, is like 5
    bucks and dilutes to 100 gallons, I believe…which means it will last for
    years. Literally…I still have some of my original bottle left.

    Also, when you use the buckets upside down to stack heavy things on, you
    can get tiny little, slow drip leaks in that center circle part. That
    little plastic nipple at the center to be precise.

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