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Packing just Under a Pound of Cannabis in a 1/4 pound mason jar …EH


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Packing just Under a Pound of Cannabis  in a 1/4 pound mason jar ...EHJason shows how indeed it was just short of a pound that packed into the 1/4 pound mason Jar…the non believers can now believe….if you vacuum seal to com…

20 comments on “Packing just Under a Pound of Cannabis in a 1/4 pound mason jar …EH

  1. SkengManNZ on

    i concur. but you sound like a pretentious prick. thanks for the vid jason. i would recommend using sony vegas to edit your footage, that way you can have the same volume intro etc. people made videos like this in ’06…

  2. Jason Wilcox on

    That is why it was called a mistake in the video….not planned rather how I dealt with the issue…..Its only a less than a pound …not a big loss

  3. xxxmota89 on

    @supadr00g four comments about sound quality. I didnt notice anything wrong, then again I dont go on youtube to criticize people video recording skills. Good video jason,


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  5. chrisregpick on

    Jason likes the glass dude. 😉 You should see him on a camping trip. You want to talk heavy, just talk to Jason. You need rock solid weed, just talk to Jason. LOL. We make art in our sealer. I made a gun out of weed. A weed gun from packing weed. Plan on attacking Harper with it. Not Trudeau! Go Liberals! Weed in a packer can turn to rock, its amazing to see, and it don’t come back to shape. ROCK WEED!

  6. Jason Wilcox on

    Now we know about trichomes for some people have been teaching about it for years …Now what happens to a trichome is common knowledge so its not a pound compressed on purpose rather a mistake that needed to be dealt with.

  7. ChiliBuTube on

    I understand your dilemma but damn, I try not to treat the things I love that harshly.
    That poor weed, vacuum sealed and crushed then man handled and fisted into the jar.
    Hope you have a good vaca.

  8. chrisregpick on

    You need to smoke some rock solid weed and stop tripping on the video. Jaon, is doing great job. Leave Jaon alone. He is a friend of ‘Buck Rogers.’ Jaon and Buck Rogers in the solar system talking about how to travel with weed in outer space. Leave Jaon alone! Leave Jaon alone!

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