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New Season, New Grow Tent, New Facility


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New Season, New Grow Tent, New FacilityWelcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! LED lights & Grow Tents: Coupon code: G420G OverGrowSociety merchandise available…

20 comments on “New Season, New Grow Tent, New Facility

  1. tazydevil93 on

    who would have thought you could grow weed in purple light shits crazy if i
    had leds id have white orange and blue for veg and then the same in flower
    just less white more orange.. id basicly hav a pic of the sky on the led
    board lol blue outline for sky patches of white for cloud and a big circle
    orange sun in the middle lol somethin like that.. its be the biggest virual
    environment lol

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