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My future greenhouse


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My future greenhouse

18 comments on “My future greenhouse

  1. akasmokesalot johnny on

    could you imagine having something like this??? this is nc state university. they have one of the finest agriculture programs in the world!!! engineering and farming is all nc state is about!!! you should see it when school starts and all those little farmers daughters go off to college and get away from the big brothers and daddys…them fuckers go wild!!!!

  2. akasmokesalot johnny on

    dude you should see some of the plants they have in there..crazy gardens in there…back in the 80’s is where we got our first taste of kind bud…we called it lab reefer because it was grown in one of the greenhouses out here!!!! kid was killing it the whole time he was in college….i remember every few months we could get a batch and we had it the whole time he was in school here…we never seen him again after he graduated and moved back home…

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