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My 7000 Watt Grow Room 2014


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My 7000 Watt Grow Room 2014This is our grow room for medical marijuana. We use 3 types of lights: HPS, T5, and Metal Halide. We will be uploading more videos about breeding and many ho…

One comment on “My 7000 Watt Grow Room 2014

  1. rghands711 on

    Get rid of the t-5’s, you don’t flower with cfl’s, they make your nugs soft
    and fluffy.. Get at least two more oscillating fans (the single high
    powered is drying your tops out and is hurting).. Plants all look like
    crap.. Mylar is useless.. Co2 is useless with fan going.. Suggest you
    redesign your entire room.. Horrible bro.. Not one healthy plant in the

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