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Multi strain veg and flower room


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Multi strain veg and flower roomGot some new upgrades in the rooms. Hoods are 32×42 my bad.

12 comments on “Multi strain veg and flower room

  1. stevieT777 on

    Hell yea that’s dope I like how much space you cover.
    Do you have glass on your 1000watts?
    And I run high 70s low 80s with a co2 tank and most everything stays
    praying. & i feel like it helps my yield a lot.
    Any chance you’re going to the 420 cup in CO?
    I’m going.

  2. Howard Turner on

    Aye bro thanks for the video. Can’t wait till the updates. Starting it out
    right nice plants. thanks again but I gotta finish watching you I stop it
    midway through so stay up. Remember be good at it. Oh thanks for the shout

  3. Raymond Kowal on

    Great stuff Diesel, this is doin its job, that is doin its job… and
    Diesel’s doin his job… pretty fucken nicely too!
    It must be almost outoor time… are you cloning for that or going from
    Fucken spewing you didn’t take a clone of the Space Bomb, because I would
    have loved to see it do its shit outdoors with a shit load of space and
    How much longer will all the weed killing snow hang around bro?

  4. JJ McChe on

    Lovin the setup and look forward to the results. FYI the channel is
    amazing you are killing it, love the info and can’t wait to see what’s
    next. Community applauds you, Grower’s Love, Peace. PS Genesis HPS/MH
    Bulbs are suppose to have higher lumens output but a little more pricey.
    totally agree with the temp talk plants seem to like a slightly lower temp
    than most people think, imo, color changing leaves and buds, faster growth,
    density and trichrome production increase as well. This is not always true
    of pure. sativas stay medicated

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