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Description     MLTG: Maritopian Life The Game MLTG: Maritopian Life The Game, The World’s FIRST Collectible Trading Card, Cannabis Game!!! On store shelves NOW at these fine retailer…

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  1. MaritopianLife on

    Hi Jesse,
    Thanks so much for commenting. I am pleased to inform you that you can pick up additional copies of the game at any one of our wonderful retailers. They are all listed at the end of this commercial, and a link in the about section, above,with locations in both Seattle and Tacoma. A really cool thing about the game, is any player can join any MLTG game being played, once they buy the deck. I hope this helps, and thanks again for contacting us at MLTG! =)

  2. Jesse Elston on

    No problem… Thank you for the info.. ill absolutely be picking up more copies of MLTG….. And that is actually a really cool feature to be able to jump into MLTG already being played… Thanks again for your time an the Info.

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