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Me and Wifey getting our minds right


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Me and Wifey getting our minds rightKruthrx Papers Red Dragon Www.the social

7 comments on “Me and Wifey getting our minds right

  1. meghan00851 on

    well damn… its knockn yalls heads off aint it. hell pass it my way, im tryin to get my cough on. No plans this wknd but smokin on some white widow and am tryin to get my mind right for my first dab EVER. wont get the full effect bc i only have a vape pen but once i collect more oil ill invest in a lil oil rig. ahhh yeah… movin on up!!! ~hahahaha~ happy tokings fam! peace n blessings!

  2. Kennabyss on

    Green crack here and yes them Krutch paper are the shit. I whipped through my pack from the WW in no time. Burned good and clean. Sounds like that red dragons got a kick to it.

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