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Marijuana Strain Wonder Woman


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Marijuana Strain Wonder WomanNirvana Seeds Wonder Woman marijuana strain is shown with some lady bugs crawling on it. Lady bugs are awesome at killing spider mites, which this plant has….

19 comments on “Marijuana Strain Wonder Woman

  1. 7177smith on

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the videos, i like your perspective and the fact that it seems growing is your life passion. i hope you continue on your buddish endeavours and educate other souls on the subject

    it would be cool to see you do some quick tip videos, like spacing plants, ties and stuff

    my family friend has a spider mite problem on most of his plants, he’s worked super hard at battling the little beasts, he has spent alot of time working on his plants and has been on top of them but they are

  2. Andrzej Conner on

    hey Matt, read the second to last sentence in the description, haha it must have been because of the dinafem products dirtybongwater’s talking about haha

  3. 7177smith on


    are there reasons not to look at lady bugs? Like do you find them on your clothing, or any annoyances they cause?

    how many should one introduce per plant?

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