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Marijuana-scented cards to help track down cannabis farms


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Marijuana-scented cards to help track down cannabis farmsA fine example of divide and conquer scaremongering propaganda courtesy of the BBC

7 comments on “Marijuana-scented cards to help track down cannabis farms

  1. rfyoaxn on

    Good point! This is stupid they sell cigarettes that kill millions each year put will arrest you for a harmless plant we the people of the world out number these fu**ing retards we need to stand up get your neighbors to stand up with you we all need to stand up to this bullsh*t

  2. homerbear46 on

    Pedo-BBC encouraging us to (pardon the pun) “grass” on one another for growing plants.
    They KNOW people realise pot-heads ARE NOT a significant “blight” on society, so try to scare the gullible with “increased risk of fire”,
    I have never heard of ANY fire ever caused by a grow-room.
    it is NOT a crystal-meth lab
    who do these lying sacks of shit think they’re kidding?
    Don’t u have paedophiles to be “outing”?
    WE do NOT want to hear from u till skulls start rolling out of YOUR OWN dirty closet.

  3. homerbear46 on

    ..I’ve collected a huge pile of them to get me through “droughts”.
    They don’t get u stoned, but they do seem to give u the munchies (maybe it’s a “placebo” effect, I think there should be more research on how smells effect the body,.don’t u officer? well anyway, I digress), there is absolutely NO dope in my house (as this IS one of those “drought periods”)
    So I’m happy to put ur mind at rest.
    Can I get u a cup of tea?
    It’s “herbal” which is why it might taste a bit funny.

  4. homerbear46 on

    wouldn’t these things also basically fuck up the poor brain of a police sniffer dog?

    he’s gonna be in a state over “hyper vigilance” every time he goes “walkies”

    why does nobody ever think about man’s best friend?
    U* *U

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