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Mail Call !!!!


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Mail Call !!!!In the last couple of day I finally received my mail I have been wanting for so long for. In this video I will show you the opening of the envlopes. I would like to get your thoughts about…

6 comments on “Mail Call !!!!

  1. MILK MAN on

    Really nice, bro. Can’t wait for you to get started. Are you popping them
    all at once or is this all year grow? Not much into feminized seeds. But
    there a couple there I’m really interested in, seeing grown l MILKM@N(oYo)

  2. unk40rm DTE SOUTH on

    Nice! Saw you comment on my channel but couldn’t find comment to answer?but
    thanks anyway,i am a dank den member also and feel free to paste the link
    on my vids too i not doing it idk how lol! So maybe you can win? I a new
    sub and will be watchin the grows congrats and goodluck! !!

  3. Mr Home Grown on

    Hey guy and gals,
    I really need your help!! If you are new to growing your own new medicine
    or have been doing it for years I need your help. I am a member of a site
    called the DankDen and it is totally free to join and there are no hidden
    anythings. It is like facebook in a way but its all about growing cannibus.
    Please help me out and join the group by clicking on this or pasting it in your browser.
    We are looking for another 250 members to set the new year off with a bang.
    Plus this will help me win some medication. Thanks Mr Home Grown

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