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LED Grow Skunk Haze Week 9


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LED Grow Skunk Haze Week 9sup toobies, check out my skunk haze from cbd crew as i get ready for pre harvest. its week 9 and l go over my newer flushing routine and some new info about harvesting high cbd strains. also…

11 comments on “LED Grow Skunk Haze Week 9

  1. XxPANCOTTOxX on

    ohhh btw what I’m pretty sure your “guy” was talking about is that CBD
    strains already have a low THC content, if you go past flowering ripeness
    aka having A LOT of amber trichomes the thc deteriorates into CBN, which
    still makes for good medicine 

  2. Nick Dodge on

    Make sure you cook that rso at a high temp in the last 30 min or so. Helps
    purge out any heavy contaminants contained in the solvent you use. But it’d
    definally be cool if you got that shit tested and shared the results! 

  3. Cuban Bee on

    Nice vid once again, the air roots are looking nice on this one. Watchin’
    your vids actually got me to check out Trailer Park Boys! Did you see them
    in character on Snoop’s show a couple weeks ago? watch?v=YrRKrj3-kLU

  4. jonololl on

    hey herbal, a suggestion if you ended up downloading that e book would be
    to look at some trich photos and maybe invest 20-30 dollars into a 30x
    jewellers loop or hand held microscope at atleast 30x magnification, good
    plant dude ive been looking at cbd myself

  5. Drew boy on

    Use a 60x or higher to check the glands ,and based off that harvest your
    plant! High CBD strains are no different than high THC strains when it
    comes to harvest!! All cannabinoids start as CBN then they change to THC-A,
    CBG, THC-V ,CBD,and so on. Not in that order because no science has been
    done to that degree. However the plants DNA decides what they convert to
    and how much CBD,THC,and all that goodness that’s present and harvest! So
    all I’m saying is harvest when you know it’s right and if your unsure look
    at the gland heads to get a better idea the CBD WILL be there if the
    plant’s genetic’s call for it!!!! Much homie Grower luv and stay safe!!!

  6. canna bis on

    CBD has a ripeness? That may be true but dependent on what? There are so
    many factors that can affect the development of glandular trichome heads….
    factors like the environment in your room, feed schedule, general health of

    Personally – I’d be very careful with that kind of specific advice. It
    seems to be your advisor isn’t taking into account any of the other factors.

    Harvest at different times – then get your shit tested at analytical360 or
    any of the test labs. That’s the ONLY way to be sure.

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