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LED Grow Flowering Week 5 and Update


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LED Grow Flowering Week 5 and Update5th week of flowering on my Pure Power Plant, Super Lemon Haze, Caribe, and AKxWW. Also a update on my room and a look at upcoming roster. thnx for watching.

8 comments on “LED Grow Flowering Week 5 and Update

  1. Herbal Gerbal on

    ok cool, thnx for the advice, im gonna try that, its a 9week flower but ill
    push it a lil longer if I can. thnx for watchn brotha, sorry I got no
    spare ones partner.

  2. mediBUD707 on

    I’m not sure what happened to the second half. I feed my flower plants veg
    nutes half of the first week of flower. It has helped me prevent that
    problem. 🙂 peace!

  3. chrisy8285 on

    The yellowing is cool myfriend it’s the plant cannibalizing her self
    getting rdy to Finnish a would giv her about anther two full strength plus
    what additives feedings then start flushing..she a 8wk flwr strain? That’s
    what I would do myfriend then let dry right out after the big flush then
    just ph water.. And if youv got it when just given ph water give mollasis
    in it..or some kind of organic sugar substance and that will HELP the final
    swell.. Even let her run another week if trics arnt whear u want them ok
    myfriend…peace n well deserved respect..eny Spare beans u could bless me
    with? Am jobless n broke…. Hit me up,,,
    Peace buddy hope hear from u brother!

  4. Herbal Gerbal on

    thnx, not too sure cause ive been following feeding charts but my next
    round of hydro’s I will be more prepared for sure, once I do more
    research. thnx for watchn

  5. Herbal Gerbal on

    oh ok, didn’t kno that. do I have time to hit it with veg nutes? im suppose
    to start flushing in a week and a bit? thanx a lot for the info, ill
    remember this tip forever
    keep growing n thnx for watchn

  6. mediBUD707 on

    Damn i don’t know why I haven’t been using my lollipopped leaves for
    juicing. Brilliant! The leaves could be just nitrogen deficient. It happens
    around this time in flower cause bloom nutes don’t have a lot of nitrogen.
    I feed my plants veg nutes the half of the first week of flower and it has
    helped a lot with preventing that. Peace&blessings from the 7oh7!

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