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Independence day seed drop…come plant a seed


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Independence day seed drop...come plant a redline genetics permantly high thee420alchemist the grow pro Free the weed..plant a seed with me…i got some strawberry purple urkle and …

13 comments on “Independence day seed drop…come plant a seed

  1. lijunwei1 on

    this growing for independence theme to your channel should be quite i said in my last post on your previous video i had this idea in mind but in a more comical sense that i would leave a trail for people to find them…good luck pal..and happy independence day my friend

  2. Zacnix Nixon on

    Haaaaaaasefnfefer Delight!!!:I just planted 10 tester seed from a breeding project great idea man keep up. Gods work
    z^€π°×1%er the jolly green giant.SPLIFLIZARD & Johnny pot seed!!! One love hail the leaf!!!

  3. igets high on

    hope you had a good fourth my dude cant wait to see the cheese go nuts its such a easy plant like you cant go wrong with it stay blessed and high

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