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How to make a redneck c02 generator


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How to make a redneck c02 generatorInspired by jay the grow pro.

14 comments on “How to make a redneck c02 generator

  1. akasmokesalot johnny on

    well i guess you should go buy a $20 bag of the same shit i just made here to get what 10 more ppm??? what the fuck man….i take suggestions on what to use….i keep my mouth shut and dont go telling folks what they need or dont need unless they ask for my opinion…..

  2. MarijuanaMan MI on

    My hydro store tested this out against the C02 bags,Bags make 90ppms a day, this only makes 80 ppms a day,that is half of 1 lung full.being in your garden for 5 minutes produces more C02 than that.

  3. Kennabyss on

    When i made wine i often wondered about drinking just yeast and sugar alcohol, probley fuckin nasty. Glad i didnt make it when i was a drinker cuz i probley would have. ewww makes me shutter now. but then again so do most of my drunk actions. well at least the ones i remember,lol. If ya use an air lock (about $5) youd probley get better a slower more even release time but it’d have to be on the floor prob under the plants. Maybe ill do that Ive been kickin the idea around lately anyway.

  4. akasmokesalot johnny on

    yeah i shake it often….its pretty nasty looking shit. i have it sitting under my liight so it stays warm…and you can see the shit in there working….ive got the tube right on my fan so its getting circulated real good

  5. 69DMrscrazy on

    Awesome vid! love the how to’s 🙂 I use the same mixture for my CO2 But i have to diff set ups going atm. In the veg room I have 2 litter bottles set up just like this that sit ontop of my hood. they do not stay warm enough to keep the yeast active and the bottle being see through kills the yeast faster also. i have to cover those bottles to with a blanket and soak them in warm water to keep the yeast alive.

  6. 69DMrscrazy on

    In the bloom room I have a 5 gallon bucket with an air stone in it on a timer. That thing is awesome! It lasts 7 days. once an hour in comes on for 15 mins. The yeast stays active for a lot longer on that one.

  7. Cookie monstr on

    Great video, Johnny! Nice gasket idea, I will have to try that out.I do the same mixture, but I shake it up and put on floor with top off. My filter is at top in flower room so , I think it sucks it up past the plants. At least in theory…lol I also have tank on every 15 minutes once an hour with lights on. Thanks for the video TSG,Peace..

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