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How to Grow Auto Flowering Cannabis(DBW) Part:6 The Flush


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How to Grow Auto Flowering Cannabis(DBW) Part:6 The Flushwhat up tube…day 49….wow hard to believe from seed to harvest so quickly …and in the vegg stage…this grow was done in the poorest of conditions , i w…

11 comments on “How to Grow Auto Flowering Cannabis(DBW) Part:6 The Flush


    i kept the light on 24/7 ….next time ill go 20 on 4 off but you can do these in your veg room and do decent considering its just extra….you can use any vegg lighting that you want so long as the lights on at least 18 hours a day….keep it green

  2. Jay Bennett on

    Right when you think their done.. Give them one more week. Those are my words I live by. The plant will explode with double the weight, you thought you were going to have.

  3. Jay Bennett on

    and you are going to need a very good carbon filter if your worried about scent. That Budziller Trainwreck is fuckin stanking up my whole area lol. Very potent bud.

  4. BolagnaSheetsMD . on

    Looking good bro I would hit them with some poop and flush in a week or so just to max those babys out, but if you pulled today they would still be fire I’m sure

  5. BolagnaSheetsMD . on

    Oh your using the rock resonator lol n/m. Autos are just so mysterious sometimes you get that auto that looks huge yielding but them when shes dry the buds are huge but light and fluffy so a qp looking pile is like 65 70 gms lol hopefully you got the ones that stay tight and dense not not super calyxy and fluffy there all good tho pulling meds in your veg room is great so anything you get is a good thing

  6. Vicious on

    Aww man they look great I grew a Moby Dick Auto in this last cycle I harvested and she was the best smoke out of all four even though I know its pointless I’m trying to reveg her now lol because i don’t have anymore Auto beans but I’m not so sure she’s gonna come back I transplanted, topped, and lst’d her so that’s why I probably didn’t get big nugs lol but trust your scope to tell you when to cut her down because I tried to let her go but the trichs started dying so I had to take her

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