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Herbin Farmer – New 11/13 Flower Cycle, Begin Flush and Cloner Update


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Herbin Farmer - New 11/13 Flower Cycle, Begin Flush and Cloner UpdateWELCOME to Herbin Farmer! Today we apply some of what we learned at the cannabis cup as well as get a little work done in the garden. Enjoy! #cannabiscup #cannabis #marijuana Compliant under…

13 comments on “Herbin Farmer – New 11/13 Flower Cycle, Begin Flush and Cloner Update

  1. Brody Mac on

    Dj short dropped some real knowledge at the cup. Its mad how theres only a
    minorty of growers doing the 11/13. I am most definately going to start my
    new cuts under 11/13. Great vids herbinfarmer. Always learning something!
    Much love from manchester uk

  2. Phelps L'Hommedieu on

    Hey, bro…how about some info on that slick bud dryer you built. I’ve
    looked at all your vids, but didn’t see anything. Thanks! Love your

  3. Phelps L'Hommedieu on

    Sorry, Bro….It was Mr Tight’s latest…episode 5 posted 3 days ago. He
    was placing his latest harvest in what looked to be a rubbermade cooler
    with holes drilled in the top. There was a fan lower right, and angled
    metal supports for the two or three screened shelves that fit perfectly
    inside. He led me to you, and so I got mixed up whose vid I was
    watching….anyway, it looked really cool….and CHEAP!

  4. Slurp on

    Look for :Daniel Boughen” on YouTube and Facebook. Also look on FACEBOOK
    BACK TO 12/12!ever!!! I also veg 12 on and 12 off..during the off part I
    flash it with a 1hour of light @ the 5 1/2 hour mark..That keeps the plants
    in veg mode..I can even do my clones in the same veg light schedule! lol

  5. Phelps L'Hommedieu on

    Thanks for the reply, Farmer H…I’ll check it out. My fav vid that you’ve
    done was the early morning, bored shoot from the opposite wall….really
    helped show your layout and how you put it all together. Keep ’em coming,
    buddy!….They’re great!

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