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Hash Oil Safety Rant / Grow Update.


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Hash Oil Safety Rant / Grow Update.VIEWERS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. THIS IS A MEDICAL CANNABIS CHANNEL. (i apologize in advance for my colorful language i was pissed) Ranting about the safety behi…

20 comments on “Hash Oil Safety Rant / Grow Update.

  1. Herb Connoisseur on

    some people just don’t think before they do something, lol. check out the link in the description for the full story and pictures of the apartment. Thanks for watchin jay!

  2. Herb Connoisseur on

    That’s what I’m all about, safety first no matter the circumstance. Yeah these guys are burned really bad, It’s a very dangerous process, and some people tend to look at it like it’s not, in which results in malfunctions in which can be very lethal. Happy & safe extracting, Thanks for watchin’ dude!

  3. Herb Connoisseur on

    damn dude, well I’m glad you’re alright! I’m getting my closed loop next monday, I ain’t takin chances anymore y’know? just not worth it. Thanks for watchin!

  4. crip6ns on

    Great vid nice advice , specially if ur running that much at once. Just dont be stupid, its just like gas at a gas station. only retards
    blow up there house.

  5. CptHwdy2013 on

    great safety tips man! Im going to be blowing in a week or two
    always outside and always away from any electrical outlet
    I knew a dude that leveled his apartment as well
    its not safe at all

  6. Herb Connoisseur on

    It’s sad… that people are so irresponsible now a days… these guys are 19 years old, and 22 i believe, and now their life is ruined because of stupid ass actions… it’s sad honestly… Thanks for watching!

  7. drscandersongt on

    well done man! I had no idea what to look for when I went over there. Indoor basement apartment in the far back where the bathroom/laundry room was located, blowing a 6 inch inline fan through about 100 miles of flex ducting into a 4 in dryer vent, no fire extinguisher, no fire blankets, coat and respirator? These guys where passing the tube cause they didn’t even have gloves and couldn’t hold onto the frozen tube. Much love for spreading the info. + keepin it safe. Happy Gardening!

  8. CustomGrow420 on

    Are you interested in a custom dab blanket to put your rigs on and a DABKIN? I see you use your oilslick pad. I make custom pads just for your smoke station…

  9. Herb Connoisseur on

    wow man…. that scares me even reading that… I really hope people start getting smarter… thanks bro, happy gardening to you as well my friend! 🙂

  10. Herb Connoisseur on

    exactly, it’s something that should be taken seriously and not lightly. If you are unable to go outside and blast, then you should take your material to a processing & refining company like myself. It’s simple common sense really, but some people are just very ignorant, Thanks for watchin’ dude, much appreciated!

  11. drscandersongt on

    Good lookin’ out man. I was in a house where completely irresponsible BHO making was going on (basement apartment no ventilation) and the house blew up while I was running out of it. I stay the FUCK away from production unless it’s a closed loop vacuum. Thanks for letting everyone know. These guys had NO fire extinguisher, and threw a gallon of water on a plate of bubbling purging butane that erupted, house subsequently exploded.

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