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Grape God Close To Marijuana Harvest


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Grape God Close To Marijuana HarvestThis Grape God from Next Generation Seeds is very close to harvest. This is the start of week five and the cannabis plant is just jumping with pistel product…

8 comments on “Grape God Close To Marijuana Harvest

  1. RXFARM1 on

    i notice your lighting or setting on your cam makes things yellowed,,,theres no way a actual yellowed out plant could be so healthy,,i know i could dig through your vids but whats the MEDIUM? loks like your feeding is spot on as no nute burn or any of the deficiencies.or over doing, ive seen 

  2. GreenMountainGrow on

    Looks beautiful Matt!! You REALLY should use a crisp WHITE LED flashlight to show those beautiful girls close to the end!! IDK if its the camera your using or probably just the HPS lighting but A LOT of your vid’s tend to have a yellow tint? Just a helpful thought brother, take the time to pull those girls into the daylight for those “Finish” shots because you can tell she is A LOT better looking than what your vid showed.
    Keep Em Growin

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